The Bloggerational Ball – We Made Some Changes You Can Believe In

It’s like this…The Bloggerational Ball Committee has gotten elevenity nine emails from people saying, “Wish we could come, because we heart the Obaminator, but we are broke-ass due to these rough economic times.” And guess what? WE HEARD YOU. The new POTUS and his administration are all about Hope and Change and Egalitarianism and Saving Your 401K. And we’re on board. So, we thought, why not be the ultimate embodiment of that message? Why not show our support of El Presidente via booze and a party that’s open to everybody and most importantly, FREE? As in COSTS YOU NO MONEY!!!!!!

In changing this to a zero cost of admission event, we were unable to rework the arrangement with Bourbon, our original location.  No hard feelings towards Bourbon and their management – they remain a great place to get your booze on and soak it up with bite of food – it just didn’t work. 

In the Spirit of Obama, we tossed the old game plan and came up with a new one:

We are going to congregate on the second floor of the Reef in our dress up clothes (hells bells we still want you to wear your ball clothes).  Katherine is still going to campaign for Ball Queen and will be taking photos for her drunkie documentary. LiLu will be brining tatertots from home and nomnomnoming away. If you can pry one out of her fists, you can have one. And Restaurant Refugee will be in a tux. And probably a Zoro mask to hide his secret identity. And drinking champagne. The only thing that has changed really is thecost and the location (and the perks, but whatever, the booze will still be flowing).

Come on out and BarRock the Party with us, kittens!

New Details for The Bloggerational Ball

Sunday, 18 January 2009, 8pm

The Reef

2446 18th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20009

Twelve Beers on Tap – 3 to 8 dollars

Pretty Tasty food – most items under 10 dollars

Celebrating the Obama Inaugural with a bunch of really cool people – priceless.

RSVP to – it is only polite to give the good people over at the Reef a heads-up regarding the number of people attending.

p.s. For anyone confused by my sudden embrace of the word “kitten” or other phrases that aren’t my normal style, one of my lovely co-hosts, Katertot, wrote this post.


2 Responses to The Bloggerational Ball – We Made Some Changes You Can Believe In

  1. kjohnsonesq says:

    …and I was SOBER, too!…

  2. Fearless says:

    Do you really think I would still fly all the way in for a FREE party and LiLu’s Tatertots?

    Hell, YEAH, of course I would.

    Then again, I may have mentioned previously my problem with impulse control.

    There are definitely NO excuses now…

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