Procrastination? Really? Just Get a Ticket…

Did your invitation to Oprah’s inaugural bash get lost in the mail?  Too cool to attend Dionne Warwick’s Psychic Friends gig?  Not feeling sufficiently flush to drop a grand to attend one of the official balls?  Generally think it’s a dumb idea to spend a lot of cash for a party where it takes twenty minutes to get a glass of watery wine or bad booze and an indiscriminate mixer, but still want to celebrate this historic inauguration with like minded others?  Good news – you still can get tickets to the Bloggerational Ball that I am hosting in conjucntion with the authors of Who Invented Roses and Live It, Love It.

Join your fellow bloggers, lurkers, readers, and our friends (some of whom don’t even know about our blogs – please don’t dime us out) in a celebration of the inauguration of our 44th president.  One of the central themes of Barack Obama’s historic campaign for this nation’s highest office was access – access to affordable health care, access to a good education regardless of income, access to a country that honors its obligations to our civil rights.  This ball is also about access, priced at an exceedingly affordable $49

I attended three of Bill Clinton’s inaugural balls in two different years – it was a thrill to meet him but they were lousy parties.  The Bloggerational Ball promises to be a grand party.  Come out, wear that dress that you don’t wear often enough, don that tuxedo or suit that has been languishing in the back of your closet, throw back a few drinks, and have a great time.  It’s not a term paper – stop procrastinating and get your ticket.

Bloggers, if you are attending (or not) and wish to invite your readers, please feel free to link to this post or send an email to LiLu, my dear friend and co-host, to get a pictorial link (I think those are called jpegs)  to post on your blog.

I hope to see you all there, and in the words of one of my favorite old school singers – its gonna be a sho’ nuff shakem’ on down.

Ready to purchase tickets – send an email here: Bloggerational Ball Tickets


2 Responses to Procrastination? Really? Just Get a Ticket…

  1. LiLu says:

    Or, you can just to go my blog and steal the jpeg yourself, you cheeky monkey. Not that I don’t love your emails. I do! I cherish them and spoon them at night.

  2. […] Procrastination? Really? Just Get a Ticket […]

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