Overheard at the Bar…or Why Everyone Needs an Inside Voice

Twenty-something Bar Patron #1: Has your girlfriend ever walked in on you when you were rubbing one out?

Twenty-something Bar Patron #2: ummm, no.

TSBP1: Tracy went out with some of her friends for Girls Night last night.  She told me she was staying at her place, so I didn’t expect her.  About midnight she changed her mind, comes to my place and walks in on me while I’m multi-jacking…

TSBP2: Multi-jacking?

TSBP1: You know – jacking off while you’re doing something else.

TSBP2: What else can you do while jacking off?

TSBP1: Porn on the computer, MSNBC on the TV

TSBP2: Wouldn’t that make it poli-jacking?


9 Responses to Overheard at the Bar…or Why Everyone Needs an Inside Voice

  1. Fearless says:

    What makes it even more disturbing is that he may have been watching Chris Matthews. On the TV, that is.

    Pretty sure he wasn’t watching the TV, just listening.

  2. LiLu says:

    @ Fearless: And if he wasn’t, he was clearly thinking about him.

    And no matter what, it was disturbing to hear.

  3. Brett says:

    Oh wow, someone loves them some politico

    Yeah, I can’t imagine either of those things being so urgent that one couldn’t wait until the other finished.

  4. So I guess it’s not just girls who have inappropriate conversations with eachother.

    I don’t know that the conversation is inherently inappropriate for two friends, but please get an inside voice if you must discuss it in public.

  5. f.B says:

    i guess that’s a talent. but blending MSNBC with your porn might make you equate them. and that will ruin election-night watch parties for your friends.

    Might make the drinking games more interesting.

  6. Lisa says:

    What I wonder is which of the two was getting him off? Was the porn on so it seemed legitimate?

    I am guessing he had the ability to separate the audio and visual processors in his brain.

  7. kathleen says:

    see, inappropriate girl conversations typically lead to girls getting free drinks from bartenders who want to hear more. nobody is giving those guys free drinks.

    depends on the bartender, no?

  8. Sara says:

    And they say men can’t multi task…

    Can’t imagine that either of the two tasks reached maximum efficiency.

  9. kjohnsonesq says:

    Quick. Go add it to Urban Dictionary.

    Done and doner.

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