Crash Davis* Got Me Thinking About What I Believe, This is My List

I believe in tilting at windmills.

I believe in turning the ships around, and unicorns, and love stories too.

I believe in wearing heart break like a badge of honor because there is no other way to love then vulnerably.

I believe in the theory of Compassionate Conservatism but have only seen it practiced by those who aren’t conservatives.

I believe that NPR makes the world a better place.

I believe in standing when a woman leaves a table, opening doors, pulling chairs and carrying the heavy stuff not because a woman is incapable but as a show of affection and acknowledgement that I can do very little to help her find the other 28 cents.

I believe that the moment I start to not do those things is the moment that the bloom has fallen from the rose.

Speaking of roses, I believe in giving more interesting flowers… because it’s Tuesday, not because I have screwed-up.

I believe that people who talk on their cell phones on Mass Transit should have a subway car unto themselves.

I believe that words are terribly important and that I have wasted too many in my life.

I believe that toasts should be short enough to be remembered, and that clinking glasses is unnecessary when there are more than four people.

I believe in dive bars that still serve decent beer, make a mean burger, and don’t take credit cards.

I believe that restaurants are like houses of worship to food and that the bar is the altar upon which I sacrifice my sobriety.

I believe that if you force me to make a choice, slow is better then fast and words hotter then pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I believe that black and white ones always trump color.

I believe that people who abuse the English language ought to demand a refund.

I believe that real life trumps sports; but I also believe that the first weekend of the NCAA Basketball tournament should be a National Holiday.

I believe that there ought to be a constitutional amendment requiring a Div. I-A football playoff and banning the use of aluminum bats in baseball.

I believe that fall is the most magical of seasons; but the 4th of July is my favorite holiday.

I believe that intelligent conversation is the best of aphrodisiacs, and the sexiest thing about a woman is her mind.

I believe that I can save the world one plate and one cocktail at a time.

I believe that Duke Ellington got it right – there are only two kinds of music: good and bad.

I believe that because Chuck Brown is on the far end of the good kind, he deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I believe in reading my Sunday papers on Sunday not Saturday.

And I believe that I should be reading them in bed next to a woman who is the haystack needle, lightning in a bottle, and the winning lottery ticket rolled into a wickedly interesting package.

And I believe that she would sigh and utter a breathy “Oh my” when I finish this soliloquy.


* for the few people who might not get the reference

By the by, I took my first spin as a contributing editor for DC Blogs yesterday.  Look here for the Round-Up if you are curious about the local blogs that caught my eye yesterday.


20 Responses to Crash Davis* Got Me Thinking About What I Believe, This is My List

  1. Zandria says:

    That’s a lot of beliefs! I tend to draw a blank on things like that. (Totally agree on the part about not clinking glasses during a toast if there’s more than a few people. It’s annoying, trying to make sure nobody is left out!!)

    And if you check the big book of etiquette, it is actually improper to clink glasses en mass.

  2. SingleGirl says:

    Oh my.


    We should auction you off.

    I assure you that I wouldn’t fetch much.

  3. kathleen says:

    If you truly believe in perfect grammar, check the use of ‘then’ and ‘than’. Just saying.

    I believe in and recognize the importance of grammar; however, I would argue that the misuse of then for than or their for there has more to do with one’s skills at spelling and copy editing. Those are two things at which I have never professed proficiency.

  4. f.B says:

    so many things on here i agree with. but the three most important:

    1. i proudly wear my heart upon my sleeve, too, even if it breaks me.
    2. intelligence in conversation, with a twist of creativity, is probably the sexiest feature imaginable.
    3. NCAA football playoff.

    1. people of a certain strip have little choice in the matter – I’m glad to know others are there.
    2. add in a dimly lit bar and a jazz band in the background and I can be knocked to the floor by a window breeze
    3. word.

  5. Doug says:

    I believe, I believe!

    Ps. I love the fact that Div 1 football doesn’t have a playoff because of “academics” yet the Div 1 sub-division that includes the ivy league schools (Etc etc) has no problems with it. Like Ohio State cares more about academics than Harvard. Riiiiiiiiight.

    I love the hypocrisy of that – especially as a former college athlete who cared more about the scholar part of the description of scholar athlete.

  6. Vittoria says:

    “I believe that NPR makes the world a better place.”

    I firmly believe that if the entire nation listened to All Things Considered, Car Talk and Wait wait! (also, WNYC’s Brian Lehrer show) we’d kick the collective asses of the world. In the best possible way.

    And for those of us who stay up late, The Story too.

  7. Kevin says:

    Ditto. Except on the Amendment for a football playoff and banning aluminum bats, but you know how I feel about changing that document. Perhaps a Papal Decree?

    Suggested addition: I believe the Super Bowl should be played on a Saturday so we have a day to recover.

    And I’ve sent flowers with a card reading “Just because it’s Tuesday.”

    How about we change that to Federal Law? And though I appreciate your addition, it would better read: That the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday so we all have a day to recover.

  8. Sarah says:

    “I believe in wearing heart break like a badge of honor because there is no other way to love then vulnerably.”

    Beautiful. True.

    …and sometimes soul suckingly difficult.

  9. that great design should be simple and elegant…
    that people are complicated and that is a good thing…
    that poets are as brave a soldiers… they just operate on different battlefields
    that not everyone Can sing..but everyone Should sing…
    that the NYTimes Sunday crossword puzzle counts as religious worship…
    that great shoes ARE worth the money
    that boys will never understand girls..and that is ok
    that there were lots of shows that deserved canceling… before pushing daisies
    that the cream will always find its way to the top…if we are patient
    and that dreams…no matter how crazy …keep us sane…

    and I believe that your comment just took my breath away.

  10. laloca says:

    i have made a career of tilting at windmills, and i believe el ingenioso hidalgo is best enjoyed in its original 17th century spanish.

  11. lacochran says:

    “I believe that people who talk on their cell phones on Mass Transit should have a subway car unto themselves”

    “unto” or “rolling over”?

  12. freckledk says:

    I believe that a beer as crappy as Miller Lite is sometimes just what the doctor ordered and that a fountain coke from McDonalds is a surefire way to cure the hangover that follows.

    I believe in always always always offering your dining companion a taste off your plate, or a sip of your drink.

    I believe in the 30 hour work week, and four weeks of vacation to start.

    I believe that everyone should work in the service industry at least once, and have to suffer through a table of insufferables.

    I believe in a french press and in the gimmicky Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte, which I believe I’m now about to enjoy. Yay!

    I believe in respecting the beliefs of others, no matter how much you disagree with them.

    I believe I’m done!

  13. LiLu says:

    Right now, the only thing I believe in is a cold beer…

    But this is beautiful, dear.

  14. I believe that this is a great post. 🙂

  15. Sarah says:

    I hate that my favorite dive bar won’t take my check card, because I hate paying $3 to the atm around the corner.

    I guess this also means i hate planning ahead.

  16. brookem says:

    i really like this post RR.
    i did an “i believe” post about a year ago. i think it would behoove me to check it out again now.

  17. ella says:

    showing up late to the party, but here nonetheless

  18. NATUI says:

    I love this. I actually found this post because I am getting ready to write one of my own. I had a wake-up call this afternoon. Seems I don’t know what I believe. Rather, I have lost the ability to formulate my beliefs into a coherent statement.

  19. KaPau! says:


    Thank you, thank you.

  20. Anna says:

    Oh my…!

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