Two Random Things I Am In the Mood to Share

When I was writing from a coffee shop earlier this evening a Bible Study Group erupted in front of me.  They drove me away at least in equal measure because of their sophomoric biblical interpretations (12 years of Catholic school have to be good for something) and the existence of any group of loud talking blowhards interrupting the sanctity of a coffee shop.  I interpreted this as a sign from God that I needed to abandon coffee and go have beer.

For reasons that defy explanation, I found myself watching an episode of Golden Girls this evening.  That show is funnier than it has any right to be and 95% of the humor survives the decades.


7 Responses to Two Random Things I Am In the Mood to Share

  1. Here here on the Golden Girls. They have been a guilty pleasure of mine for years. Having moved to Chicago recently, I almost want to take a trip to St. Olaf, MN, since is within a days drive, just to say I’ve been there.

    GG is clear evidence that good humor is timeless.

  2. Fearless says:

    One idle evening, a city full of possibilities, and the only trouble you can stumble into is the Golden Girls?

    Did you forget that I don’t have cable?

  3. Trading in coffee for beer was a good call. And I loved Golden Girls as a child. Ahhh, Sophia.

    Estelle Getty has the best comedic timing of any septuagenarian I have ever seen.

  4. Lemmonex says:

    In college, we watched GG every single night at 11pm. Some rebels we were, I tell ya.

    I really hadn’t seen the show in years – I am still stunned by how many laugh aloud moments there were.

  5. Ah yes, the Golden Girls. I must confess that the show still makes me laugh every time!

    Every single time.

  6. carrie m says:

    And Lifetime finally finds a way to attract men to watch their network…at 1 am. 😉 Whenever I find myself holding my purse on my lap randomly like in a car or something, I think of Sophia Patrillo.

    Not sure if I am their target market, but I did enjoy watching it again.

  7. LiLu says:

    Golden Girls will NEVER go out of style.

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