Bloggerational Ball

Bloggerational Ball 2009


At approximately 12pm Tuesday 20 January 2009, our long national nightmare* will end and at 9pm the Sunday before the first ever Bloggerational Ball begins**.

There is an easy argument that one of the central themes of the Obama campaign was access – access to healthcare, access to great education for all, access to a world where civil liberties are protected, access to a reasonable and progressive tax structure.  With that thought in mind (and several beers and glasses of wine in hand,) a couple of friends – Live It, Love It & Who Invented Roses  – and I hatched a plan for an Inaugural Celebration that is accessible to all and honors the impact that New Media had on this election with the name Bloggerational Ball. 

I should also mention that having been to a few Inaugural Balls in my time, they aren’t nearly as much fun as the after-parties/bars where all of your friends are.  The Bloggerational Ball skips that step and puts you in the room with all of your friends without the bother of idle chit chat with people you will never see again.


The Details:

Time: 18 January 2009, 9pm

Location: Bourbon in Adams Morgan

Attire: Black-Tie Optional***

Cost: $47 (paid via PayPal only)

Food: plenty of snack sized noshes to absorb the booze but have dinner first

Booze: discounted drinks all night, complimentary champagne toast, and my co-hosts and I have already started working on signature drinks for the evening (Never Been Blue a.k.a. The Virginia and A Grateful Canada are a couple examples.  Feel free to email suggestions but please nothing as cliché as an Obamamama – the best drink name suggestion gets a complimentary ticket)

Availability: space is currently limited to 120 tickets, however if there is greater demand it is possible that the party can grow to 240 but please don’t wait.

Who’s Coming – bloggers, commenters, friends, lurkers

How Do You Get a Ticket: send an email to, please list your name, who invited you, and the name of your blog if you have one, indicate how many tickets you will need.  You will get an email with PayPal instructions.  Once you have you have paid your money you will be confirmed for the event.


*that is the last time I will gloat about the election.

** Monday is a national holiday, MLK Day, so no worries about drinking on a school night

*** Not having a tuxedo is not an excuse – remember this is about access.



4 Responses to Bloggerational Ball

  1. LiLu says:

    This is the GREATEST IDEA EVER.

  2. Fearless says:

    * I don’t believe this for a single second.

    **Monday, January 19th is Sir John A MacDonald day in Canada, a holiday that is second only to Bacon Day (the third Tuesday of every November) as the best-loved Canadian national holiday.*

    ***I had better see at least one tuxedo, or I’m catching the first flight home.

    *There is no Sir John A MacDonald day, but there should be. After all, the man did love his scotch.

  3. Kevin says:

    An idea most worthy. Too bad we can’t bend space and time to get there quicker.

    And never fear Fearless, there’ll be at least two tuxes on display, the Refugee and me.

  4. […] compiled my long email list of invitees to the first ever Bloggerational Ball I am hosting with LivitLuvit and Who Invented Roses.  It was several hours later when I got the […]

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