Inauguration Stories – No Champagne Tonight

I am a died in the wool democrat; but I have always considered myself one of the reasonable partisans – those willing to listen to opposing positions with an open mind.  However, in early 2001 for George W. Bush’s election, I was compelled to leave town.  I was unwilling to be in the same vicinity of cowboy hatted Texans celebrating the inauguration of someone who decidedly ignores information about the world.  I was unwilling to stomach a coronation of the dumbbing down of our society.

When we lost again in 2004, I had no such option.  I was running a little restaurant/night spot in Adams Morgan.  Unable to avoid work on Election Day, I spent the evening obsessing over my Electoral Map at a nearby bar.  As I tried in vain to find a way for George Bush to be defeated though he won every battle ground state, I engaged in twelve ounce arm curls that made me feel better but had little effect on the results or anyone else around me.

Angry about our president, inauguration day finally comes to pass, and I have my pre-shift meeting with my staff.  Cranky and irritable, I instruct my door guy that under no circumstances are people in black-tie attire welcome this evening.  That position lasted about two hours before –  being the reasonable Democrat that I am – I capitulate and tell my door guy that he should admit anyone that wishes to patronize our place.

My bi-partisanship is wasted for most of the evening, until a trio of black-tied inaugural celebrants darkens the door.  They entered and I resisted the urge to deny them entry.  I resisted the urge to charge them more for their drinks.  We were gracious hosts until the moment when they asked for our “finest champagne.”

Lines must be drawn.


“Fresh out” I replied.


3 Responses to Inauguration Stories – No Champagne Tonight

  1. Fearless says:

    Oooh, I love a good cliffhanger. A gal has to have something to look forward to reading after a day at what might be the world’s most boring conference.

  2. lacochran says:

    What did you do to/with/in place of their champagne? Hmmmm?

  3. Kristin says:

    2001: fur, clickety-clacking of cowboy boot heels and 10-gallon hats. In 2004, I think I stayed home and worked, pretending that the word outside didn’t exist… This January, though, bring on the champagne.

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