Worst Date Blog Contest Winners

Remember way back in the summer when I announced the Worst Date Blog Contest?  No, I didn’t quite forget about it, my life just took some sideways turns that prevented me from hosting the final judging party.  While I still owe all of the judges some booze for their time and efforts, I made the executive decision to stop delaying the process and announce the winners based on the independent evaluations already completed.  All submissions were scored from zero to twenty on the basis of suckitude and the quality of the writing.  The scores were averaged and the two highest scoring posts were awarded the top prizes.  At the discretion of the judging panel, an Honorable Mention Prize was also awarded.

First and Second place winners were also invited to guest post on this little slice of the web.


Honorable MentionTina – What is Family?  She wins a copy of the book “When I Say No, I Feel Guilty” with personal notes from all of the judges.

Second Place – Kristin from Candy Sandwich (posted here rather than at her place, but I urge you to take a look at her place) will be guest posting here on Monday.  Second place was supposed to be a bottle of 1996 Cuvee Doyard Champagne from my cellar, but I unintentionally drank the last bottle of that a few weeks ago.  Kristin will receive a bottle of 2000 Jean Laurent Rose Champagne.


First Place – I like a little suspense, so come through Tuesday for the announcement and the guest post from the grand prize winner.


3 Responses to Worst Date Blog Contest Winners

  1. Michelle says:

    way to keep the suspense alive!

  2. Kristin says:

    Thanks for letting me play. And post. I’m sorry that so many of us have had such bad dates, but they’ve been fun to read.

  3. Maxie says:

    you need to do this again– i have MANY worst dates i could submit.

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