The Govenor Has Too Many Clothes

It is not often that I allow my little slice of the internet to devolve into political discussions.  I make another exception today for Governor Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.  According to the Associated Press and other sources the McCain-Palin campaign has spent upwards of $150K on the vice-presidential candidate’s wardrobe since her nomination. The blogosphere and most media have busily called the campaign on the obvious hypocrisy of the self-professed Hockey Mom sporting a wardrobe that samck of the left leaning, latte sipping, elite.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t have a problem with a campaign that spends money to make their candidate dress the part of the office s/he seeks.  However, if (god forbid) she wins, is she no longer going to need attire herself in vice-presidential duds?  Clearly that is the campaign’s position as she will be donating the clothes to charity.  Ignore the fact that a woman can look professional for far less money – please ask my single mother sister or any of the millions of working women in this country about this.  Ignore the fact that her clothing budget for three months laps the median US household income more than thrice.  Ignore the fact that Joe-six-pack, Joe-the-Plumber, Hockey Mom’s everywhere, and a host of others don’t shop at Needless Markup.  Ask this question – will she not continue to attire herself in a manner befitting the office? The charity donation can only be perceived as a straw man argument.

This was a public relations disaster and one that GSP’s staff seems to think can be brushed aside because we have more important things to discuss.  They are correct on some level – there are more import things concerning this country, but they need to be handled by people who aren’t hypocrites or those who consistently deflect reasoned criticism by saying “look at the shiny light in the corner.”


p.s. this is what happens when blogging after a few beers while sitting at the bar – grammar corrections, and other stuff to be done in the morning… maybe.


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