Resistance Wasn’t Quite Futile, but I Have Succumbed To the Tag

I have resisted every tag to date – mostly because I generally get a bit ornery when asked to conform.  However, my most recent tag came at an opportune moment.  I choose to ignore the structure of the Meme and craft my own questions – some decidedly silly, some intriguing to me, some explanatory.


Name a song you are embarrassed to like:

At the risk of losing all of my musical street cred, I will admit that when I hear Toxic, I cannot resist the urge to bop my head (double entendre intended.)


If you could be interviewed by any journalist (any media,) who would you choose?

Print journalist is an easy call for me.  Maureen Dowd because she writes so beautifully and because of the wicked crush I have.  Television would have been Ed Bradley (R.I.P) because he always seemed to be the coolest and smartest person in the room but carried those characteristics without lording them over you.  I also might have selected Tim Russert just to see if I had the gravitas to handle the toughest interview in the land – I am fairly sure I don’t.  As I am restricting myself to living humans, Bryant Gumball is my choice.  Despite how annoying he can be, there can be little argument that he is a journalist of the highest order.


Shamelessly borrowing from James Lipton, what is your favorite word?



If there is a hell and it were to take the form of you being trapped in a room with four people and one musician’s music playing, name the people and the band/musician.

Rachel Ray

Rush Limbaugh

Paris Hilton

Anyone from the cast of The Hills

This will shock no one: in my private version of hell, Kenny G is on the stereo


Opposite ends of the Bell Curve: name something you do so poorly that you are an outlier to the left and something you do so well that you are an outlier to the right – assume a normal distribution; therefore the outliers represent the worst 2.5% and the best 2.5%

I suck at Advanced Math – don’t let that slightly technical jargon in the question fool you.

I think that I am pretty good at throwing a party


Gimmie a couple truly Pet Peeves – nothing grand like intolerance or people who kick puppies; list something rather trivial that irks you way more than it should.

Sentences that end in prepositions make me want to throw things.

Often times I am not content to ignore calls from people who have blocked their Caller ID and have been known to occasionally remove the offender from my phone book too.


Share a secret: tell everyone in the blogosphere something that might surprise even careful readers of your blog.

I have dealt with Clinical Depression for more than 20 years.  The specific diagnosis is Conditionally Acute Clinical Depression; it is a relapsing-remitting disease.  It is an illness like any other and occasionally requires medical attention from professionals who are trained to treat it.


To those I will be tagging momentarily, feel free to ignore this, and should you choose to respond please do not think that I expect any disclosures as personal as my last one.  It was written – as is this entire teeny slice of the internet – for my benefit.

The seven people I would most like to answer the previous questions are:

Skrinkering Hearts

Who Invented Roses

Me, My Thoughts, and I

Fearless in Toronto


The Foggy Dew

B from It’s Toasted – yeah I know you’re on vacation but consider this a welcome home present; and J, feel free to answer too or for B in his absence.

Again, feel free to ignore – my feelings won’t be hurt – but for now, you’re it.


10 Responses to Resistance Wasn’t Quite Futile, but I Have Succumbed To the Tag

  1. Kevin says:

    In the spirit of Red Foreman, “Thanks a lot. Jackass.” You know, said with love.

    I can feel the love alway over here.

  2. brookem says:

    oooh! this is kind of a tricky one! i enjoyed reading your answers though!

    thank you, and should you choose to accept this mission, I look forward to reading yours.

  3. […] bookmarks tagged intriguing Resistance Wasn’t Quite Futile, but I Have Succu… saved by 5 others     Shippoluver373 bookmarked on 10/22/08 | […]

  4. Michelle says:

    Maureen Dowd rocks!!!

    Rocks harder than a pair of Gov. Palin’s fancy peep toe pumps.

  5. Fearless says:

    I can see that I am going to get no work done today. *sigh* But touched, really. No, really.

    I am certain that productivity was higher in the days before blogs.

  6. Julie says:

    Awww.. don’t be embarrassed by Toxic. Britney’s a sick guilty pleasure (like Final Destination movies).

    If ever confronted with this information in real life, I will deny, deny, deny.

  7. kjohnsonesq says:


    just returning the favor, dear.

  8. J says:

    I’m going to leave this one for B to answer when he gets back. hahaha he will need some questions to get himself back in the game. I can’t wait to hear how he responds to these great questions.

    thank you, though I must admit to being curious about your answers too.

  9. [F]oxymoron says:

    Thanks to John Cusack I’ll never be able to fully appreciate that word. It is only because of Kate Beckinsale that I can even tolerate the word!

    Damn, the blog world is getting physical with Tag. I’m game.

    That movie sucked – hard – though I must admit that I NetFlixed it because of the title.

  10. lacochran says:

    Since you almost played along I almost thank you.

    you’re fully welcome.

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