For Anyone Who Happens to Check-In…

14 October 2008

… during the overnight hours, I am alive and well.  Blogging shall commence on Wednesday.  Thank you to everyone who sent me emails of concern, and to answer a few asked and unasked questions:

  • No, I was not trapped under a mountain of metaphors unable to get up.
  • Yes, I went completely MIA without notice to anyone
  • No, I did not hit the Powerball and disappear to the Caribbean.
  • No, I was not trapped in a well.
  • No, I was not milk carton material.
  • No, unfortunately, I was not kidnapped by a tribe of erudite hotties and made to be their conversation/sex slave.
  • Yes, I was scared of the debauchery that I predicted and LiLu’s Birthday Party to be.  However, I was fully prepared to man-up and drink with the big kids, but life interfered.
  • No, I was not attending a 168 hour Shakespeare Festival but how cool would that be?  (No? Well, it was only a hypothetical reference)
  • No, I did not have drinktual relations with that bottle… Mr. Daniels.
  • Yes, I am flattered and humbled by the emails; and yes, I apologize to friends (real and virtual*) for whom I caused concern.
* counselor you are most certainly in the aforementioned group despite the fact that we have not yet had opportunity for you to share the scotch to which you are always welcome.