John Coltrane Saved My Life

I had a serious bicycle accident in my teenage years.  I spent a week in intensive care but at the time of my accident all I wanted to do was stand-up and walk-it-off.  There were a couple of people fussing around me when John Coltrane ran to the group. 

“Take it easy, son.  I’m a doctor; I saw what happened and I’ve called an ambulance.  You need to be still now.” His baritone was soothing. 

“Trane?” I feebly asked.

“Yes, son just lay still now.”

I awoke several hours and several tubes in my body later.  Still groggy, I looked around for Dr. Coltrane to no avail.

Two weeks later, released from the hospital and mostly ambulatory, I returned to the accident site.  I knocked on doors wanting to thank Dr. Trane.  There were no doctors who lived on that block, or the next.

Maybe it was the spirit of Trane or more likely it was the hallucinogenic effects of pain.  Either way, Happy Birthday John Coltrane – you are one of my favorite things.


3 Responses to John Coltrane Saved My Life

  1. LivitLuvit says:

    We need a jazz night!

  2. DCDamsel says:

    There was one Bruce Springsteen album in particular that carried me through my separation and divorce. Today’s Bruce’s 59th birthday. Sacred are the soundtracks of our lives.

  3. Kristin says:

    Mmmm… The things our heads do. You needed him there so he was.

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