Highs, Lows, Memories, & Conversations

My marriage lasted about as long as a cup of coffee and was a mistake from the start.  When we finally separated I was school girl giddy and wasted no time in becoming a cliché of the about to be divorced man.  New place with sex appeal to spare – check.  A monstrously large television my wife never would have let me buy – check.  Shiny new sports car – check.  Hearing Last Call as the final evening refrain almost every night – check.  Dating anyone wearing a skirt – oh hells yeah, check.


I never paused to miss my wife because I didn’t miss her.  [Ed. Note the next sentence was a Very Expensive lesson] My ex-wife was a rebound relationship that lasted too long and every spousal connection was functionally severed long before the conversation that formally ended it.  No, I didn’t miss her but I missed the relationship.  The shopping and partying were the poorly disguised mechanics of coping to anyone that was paying attention – I wasn’t really paying attention.


One rainy Saturday I declared a movie-marathon-maintenance day – pizza, beer, and motion pictures On-Demand.  The second movie was The Story of Us.  Along with using my sister’s mascara to enhance my moustache before a seventh grade dance, watching a movie about a couple experiencing difficult times with their lives and love, is on the list of dumbest things I have ever done.  It didn’t take long before my emotions went nuts.  I sat on my couch, tears running down my face racing each other to the floor, and thoroughly lacked the ability to process why.


Soon after that day, I began having the expensive conversations.


In addition to prompting me towards that step, there is one part of the movie that has always stayed with me.  During dinner the Jordan family would go round the table and share the High-Low of their respective days.


All of this came back to me when I was debating, wondering, if I had anything to write today.  I caught a glimpse of the weather – High 88, low 62. 


High of the Weekend – saving an over-cooked pork tenderloin I made while doing “Drunk Cooking” after a night of cocktails.  Mmmmm, pork, egg, & cheese breakfast biscuits.


Low of the Weekend – ruining a pork tenderloin because I fell asleep while attempting drunken cooking.



Feel free to share your own highs and lows from the weekend in the comments, or more importantly, share them with some one in your family.


12 Responses to Highs, Lows, Memories, & Conversations

  1. Shannon says:

    Weekend high – Present company excluded…spending Sunday in my PJs, watching DVDs and ignoring the phone.

    Weekend low – watching a party guest get into an utterly unfortunate and idiotic conflict with a tow-truck driver, and simultaneously learning something I didn’t want to know.

  2. Lemmonex says:

    Weekend high: getting tanked off of 10 mimosas yesterday morning with great company and making a drunken purchase I have been agonizing over for months. I do not regret it.

    Weekend low: Being called a white bitch merely because I was talking to a black man. Sucks the world is still like this.

  3. LivitLuvit says:

    Weekend high: Watching B as giddy as a schoolboy (they’re giddy, right? They have all those gids, and stuff) with his new enormous TV that I totally let him buy.

    Weekend low: Swimming home after eleventeen mimosas with Lem in 90 degree heat, trashed on Sunday afternoon. (Totally worth it.)

  4. Lisa says:

    Weekend high – seeing my parents and dear, dear family friends last night – one of whom is battling cancer and was wearing the power scarf I made her.

    Weekend low – realizing that even though for a long time I really hoped my brother would come to our wedding, I now truly do not care.

  5. Michelle says:

    High – Going to a mall and not buying 1 thing for myself (even though the new ipod nano’s are very pretty!)

    Low – Not really getting anything done around the house due to the humidity/heat and because I refused to turn the AC on.

  6. Brett says:

    Highs- fun party Saturday night with really delicious smoked pig, drinks and conversation. Loving the new Penn Quarter Safeway. Driving to VA on Saturday and singing out loud to pop music. Rediscovering There’s Something About Mary.

    Lows- driving by and around the Pentagon memorial, confused about where to park, not being able to find said parking and crying out of frustration/mourning- combustion of emotions. Being too hot yesterday to do much more than watch movies in my pjs. Feeling kind of lonely.

  7. High – Hanging out with my Hubby on Sunday and watching Zorn post his first NFL victory as head coach.

    Low – Losing patience with my sons. Again. And Again.

  8. J says:

    High-Be able to see my boyfriend after 26 long days apart.

    Low-Having to say good bye when sunday night came too quick.

  9. Neptune says:

    High: Tailgating up north with old friends and fraternity brothers for hours before the game.

    Low: Watching my alma matter get shellacked on the field.

  10. Kristin says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot, thus the delay.

    Weekend high: The march and walking down Constitution Avenue with a police escort – that always makes me tear up a bit. Dinner with one of my best friends as we planned her engagement party? Making ratatouille while on the phone with my sister? Planting a basil plant? So many highs.

    Weekend low: Hmmm… I try not to focus on the lows.

  11. Vittoria says:

    High – Lambrusco vino in my special glass on my balcony looking over the Georgetown riverfront.

    Low – Hangover from Lambrusco.

  12. KassyK says:

    High–Dancing with my crew of college best friends in our hilarious bridesmaid dresses–marking the end of wedding season (YES!) and the joy in being able to be a part of it all for them this year.

    Low-Driving around the mountains the next morning searching for the hospital to check Chef into for dehydration and food poisoning while he was literally in agony.

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