Favorite Five Friday Edition

I generally discount the term favorite; however with the qualifications on this list, I am happy to present first installment of the Restaurant Refugee’s Favorite Five Friday.


Favorite Things That Various Ex’s Have Pilfered from Me I Have Left at Their Places

  1. My high school letterman sweater
  2. A pair of antique Tiffany cufflinks
  3. The best cashmere sweater ever
  4. A limited edition Parker fountain pen
  5. My dignity


Favorite Bloggers I’ve Never met but with Whom I’d love to Cocktail

  1. The Barmaid and her girlfriend
  2. The improbably logically named Candy Sandwich
  3. The Blogess
  4. The entire Daily Kos Crew
  5. The Wonkette


Favorite Moments when I Smoked a Cigar

  1. After I finally got the corner office
  2. After I got married
  3. After I got divorced
  4. After I chose life over career
  5. When I met this woman


Favorite Things I miss About the 80s

  1. No cell phones
  2. High School football games
  3. Reality Television free programming
  4. Robert Hoderney – I’ve never had a better teacher, mentor, or role model for how to be a stand-up guy – R.I.P.
  5. A black Michael Jackson


Favorite Lessons Learned in the Last Year

  1. When you finally meet the one, even if s/he breaks your heart, you realize that all the “ones that got away” weren’t actually ones.
  2. Never pass on the opportunity to pay the honest compliment
  3. There is nothing wrong with a principled line in the sand
  4. Among the things that are great about working for yourself, the ability to have a beer… in your pajamas… at two in the afternoon… is near the top
  5. Blogging is cheaper than therapy


Favorite Reasons Why Cocktail Should Be Used as a Verb

  1. Sidecar
  2. Manhattan
  3. Long Kiss Goodnight
  4. Santero
  5. Bellini


Favorite Women I have Kissed

  1. Beth – I know that you were and still are a lesbian, but damn I am waiting for your seven year itch to return
  2. Double M – a redheaded art teacher who plays sax in an all girl band – my only defense is the stupidity of youth
  3. Maureen, Maureen – a Sade song, but we never could make anything work outside the bedroom
  4. LP – you are the reason I started this little slice of internet therapy
  5. The Blogger Who Shall Rename Nameless – I wish you blue birds in the spring, and I wish that I had the tools to climb your protective walls


Favorite Musicians You Probably Don’t Know

  1. Terri Lynne Carrington – Arsenio Hall’s former band leader has a smoking hot jazz band
  2. Nikki Gonzales – how I wish that you would reunite with your brother.  The clichéd phrase “greater than the sum of your parts” comes to mind.
  3. Ira Gonzales – how I wish that you would reunite with your sister.  The clichéd phrase “greater than the sum of your parts” comes to mind.
  4. Alfredo Mojica – an extroidinary percussionist who I once saw play salt and pepper shakers to AfroBlue
  5. Kevin Spacey – yeah, you know him; but did you know that he can really swing


Favorite Regrets… I’ve Had a Few; But Then Again Too Few to Mention… Except Here

  1. Not taking a job with AOL in 1995 because I didn’t want the commute
  2. Never having dinner at Jean Louis
  3. Never telling Tracy Henderson from undergrad how I felt about her because of she had a loser boyfriend… who happened to be a teammate of mine on the football team
  4. Never having served in the armed forces – mostly because I hate when right wingers who have served use that service as a trump card in an argument and I have no match
  5. The previous post on this teeny slice of the internet wherein I took the nuclear option when someone angered me.

13 Responses to Favorite Five Friday Edition

  1. freckledk says:

    I love Nikki and Ira. I think they do reunite for the occasional gig. But I remember the days when they played in the front window of my favorite cocktail lounge.

    *Small world, but I was best friends with their older sister when I was in middle school.

    I was there with you rocking with the NG Band on Friday Nights; those were some good times. And I have seen them in the occasional reunion gig – somehow the old magic is just not there.

  2. LivitLuvit says:

    Never pass on the opportunity to pay the honest compliment.

    This is something I have truly tried to take to heart over the past couple years. It might seem awkward, but you just never know who might really need to hear whatever you’re thinking out loud.

    I saw a missed connection on craigslist [like you don’t read them too] once that was something to the effect of “Dear jogger on Roosevelt Island, thank you for smiling at me this morning. I really needed that.” Smiles, compliments can make all the difference in the world of a stranger – and oh yeah, they’re free.

  3. Lemmonex says:

    I know Kevin Spacey can actually really sing…so take that!

    And could not agree more regarding compliments. I try to give them when I mean them. I am also working on taking them better.

    I am pretty good at giving but I largely suck at receiving compliments. I am trying to get better at that too.

  4. Shannon says:

    I think the mark of adulthood is knowing how to take a sincere compliment…while also recognizing empty flattery.

    Then I must admit to being a little kid in some ways

  5. Red says:

    “When you finally meet the one, even if s/he breaks your heart, you realize that all the “ones that got away” weren’t actually ones.”

    So true!

    Some really good lessons still suck to learn

  6. littlemsblogger says:

    Okay, the “black Michael Jackson” comment cracked me up…

    Thank you, that was one of my favorites among favorites

  7. Michelle says:

    interesting! Maybe this will become a regular feature… and readers could submit “Favorite” Topics!

    I think that Friday’s may be dedicated to lists – I like lists – and I would love to have suggestions for list topics.

  8. LivitLuvit says:

    I loved me some missed connections! Everyone reads those.

    Loved? As in past tense? Really? I won’t dime you out – you can tell me the truth.

  9. i love nicki and ira too….

  10. Kristin says:

    Cocktails are lovely and to cocktail should definitely be the infinitive form of a verb.

    I went to a high school football game a couple of years ago but it just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t my school and I was old. I keep thinking I’ll go back home to see my team play, even if it’s not really home and it’s no longer my team. A friend’s husband serves as the assistant coach.

    A few years ago I hosted a fundraiser in an effort to have Cocktailing named an Olympic Sport. The effort fizzled when the committee was split between the Manhattans (those who thought it would be best for the Winter Games) and the Gimlets (in favor of Summer Games.) We tried to settle the argument with a duel – cocktail glasses at ten paces – but had too much and no one kept score.

  11. Ayo says:

    Terri Lyne Carrington is definitely one of my favorite musicians. She is so great in this album I just bought which is Kate Schutt‘s The Telephone Game.

    I also agree that cocktail should be used as a verb! Cocktails tell a lot.

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