Regarding One Particular DC Hater

Marissa, thank you for your comment on my recent post regarding people who loathe DC.  While there were some valid and logical points in there, you wrapped them in so much piss, vinegar, vulgarity, and false logic that many get lost.


My point was that if you don’t know this city – don’t know the specific things I cited – you don’t know this city.  Criticism of things you don’t know with blanket statements, generalizations and absolutes is patently absurd. 


You dismiss museums – I will never waste words in defense of art to those who think that art needs a defense.  You clearly misinterpret the mention of one bar, in the comments, to represent it as the ONLY cool place in DC.  I choose to believe that you deliberately misrepresented truth in an effort to make a point because for me to state the alternative is even less polite. 


You also falsely suggested that your opinion was devalued as a fad.  That was another contrivance of your own perception made because it was conversationally expedient towards making your standard issue talking points.


You suggested that I hate you because you have a differing opinion and then called me a jackass for doing so.  Let me be clear – I don’t hate many people, and you have not done enough to earn a place on that list.  You choose to read hate into a post that had nothing to do with you – does your narcissism know any bounds?


I don’t hate you but I don’t like you either not because your thoroughly entitled opinion differs from mine, but because:

You’re rude

Your thought process is thin

Your inference about men and “frenemies” was clearly homophobic

Your writing is a cliché wrapped in slices of low hanging fruit

You either don’t understand the sociological implication of using the word uppity or you choose to ignore it.

And because rape jokes are never funny, you self-loathing anti-feminist


You have your corner of the internet to opine, vent, rant, whatever.  However, you chose to come to my little corner and be rude to me.  I am all for intelligent discourse, and your comment barely passed the laugh test there, however I will not tolerate being treated rudely in this little corner any more than I would in my own home.


5 Responses to Regarding One Particular DC Hater

  1. Lemmonex says:

    Wow. Note to self: Don’t fuck with RR.

    Can someone please explain the sociological implications of uppity to me? I would like to learn something from this.

  2. Dara says:

    RR, I don’t know why you wasted your breath. People hate on DC all the time. And as in the case of your “friend” James, many of them hate DC because they feel that it’s inferior to New York — but most of those people never lived in New York. The rest are just too blind to realize that if you walk around any city being negative about everything you see, you’ll miss all of the great things there are to find. Which to me is great, because then the good places will be less crowded, and the overrated places will have the same annoying, whiny clientèle they always have.

    (oh, and Lemmonex: I believe what RR means is that, historically, the use of uppity was racist.)

  3. Lisa says:

    Yah. I am intent on staying on your good side, for sure.

    Also, I love the need to return to comment again in yesterday’s and be all, “Yeah, I was right, no matter what you said! And anyway, I’m right. Because you’re wrong and I’m right…because, um, I’m right!”

  4. koprime says:

    I think it’s funny and sad how worked up your last post made everyone. I also think it’s sad that so many people just decide that they like complaining. I am someone who is over DC, but instead of complaining (though the next person who asks what I do for a living before knowing my name WILL get a shoe thrown at them), I’m going to move back to a city I love. And then visit DC and all the things and people I love here.

  5. freckledk says:

    I love this city, and take blogs such as Marissa’s with a grain of salt. That’s her schtick, and she’s entitled to it. As a practical Townie myself, I don’t take offense to her posts because I know that I don’t hold a place in the company she describes. I think most of the douches (and I do like that word immensely) she uses as subjects weren’t born and bred here, but were douches in other cities and towns all over the country and, unfortunately, migrated here and became more of the rule than the exception.

    There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with her, but the low blows were a bit too low for my liking. As much as I like and respect you, RR, I felt it unnecessary. You’re nothing if not the guy I would think of as one to “rise above it” and I wish you’d done so in this situation. I hope that you can respect my comments as a difference of opinion, and not an attack.

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