It Is Hard To Breathe That High Up

The email came as I was having a decompressing cocktail with my favorite bartender and dear friend, K.  I dropped the phone on the bar, rose from my stool and took a step beck before reading it again.  Did I just read that?  Surely I must have stammered seven “wow’s” before real words began to form.


“You OK” the recently non-smoking K asked.


“If you read what I just read, you would relapse and kick a puppy if he stood between you and a pack of Marlboro Lights.”


I exhaled deeply and marveled at the ability of a woman I have never met to erase all logical thoughts from my mind and make a four hour drive seem completely reasonable at the moment.  As K poured beer and mixed sundry cocktails for others, I tried to steady my addled brain to explain.  Short sentences, I reminded myself.


It’s nothing

It’s virtual

We’ve never met

She is an intimidatingly good writer

We don’t know each other

It’s a surreal online flirtation

A manufactured narrative

Of poetry and prose

In octagonal harmony

It started so innocently

And morphed into this

Tales of a perfect Sunday

Of coffee, and newspapers, and amazing sex

Intelligence as aphrodisiac

I’m not making sense

This makes no sense

And yet I want her


But we’ve never met

But I want that Sunday

I want every Sunday

I want that perfect first date

Long dormant things have stirred

And I have no idea what’s next


7 Responses to It Is Hard To Breathe That High Up

  1. LivitLuvit says:

    Go for it… I am living proof that insanity and love go together.

  2. Lemmonex says:

    Proceed with caution…people can present themselves in a way that is totally untrue to who they actually are.

  3. Be assured that the whole saga ended, breathing resumed, there are no real bruises, and my feet touch the ground again. I just wanted to share because I really liked the words.

  4. Shannon says:

    Lemmonex is right — remember how bummed you were when you found out I’m really a 350-pound German guy with an elbow fetish?

  5. Breathe!

    It was my subtle hint for a spell check.

  6. damn…..i would have said…drive…
    drive fast…
    you never know….
    and now…
    maybe you never will…

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