From Inbox to Dreams – Channeling Billy Ocean

An unscratched itched wandered through my closet of dreams last night.  A woman, with whom there was a never spoken, never acknowledged, though presumed, mutual attraction reappeared in subconscious form.


It would have been wrong for a litany of reasons not the least of which is that I always thought her a little nuts.  Yet there I was twisting between sleep and the faint sounds of NPR on the radio with thoughts of her.  It was a never ending loop of a bad movie scene.  Clichéd images of two characters engaging in mundane activity for a moment leads to an obvious mental picture for one or both torridly removing clothes and steaming-up some inappropriate location.  Then reality fades back into view.


I never sorted the attraction in my mind.  I do know now as I did then that it was neither crush, nor real interest.  It was not until I typed these words that I contextualized my lust.  She was an apple in my mind and I chose not to bite.


One Response to From Inbox to Dreams – Channeling Billy Ocean

  1. lacochran says:

    Eve *as* apple. Now that’s creative. Did you throw yourself out of paradise?

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