Candybars Don’t Work When You’re Starving Part I -MNSFW

Showerhead streams painted road maps on her skin to places I have never been, places I hungered to know.  “Hotter”, she whispered.  Amazing how much ten degree turns of small steel can turn on.  She leaned her head to the right and pressed her body backwards into mine.  Her left hand held my left taught against her stomach while her right arched back toward my unshaven cheek.


This moment was superficial perfection – two people conjuring an emotional connection for the sake of enjoying the physical one.  I suppose I didn’t mind.  We were coconspirators in this romantic treachery.


“Kiss me” she whispered as she turned her still made up face, perfect breasts, and roving hands toward me.  I began slowly, teasingly.  Kissing her like two lovers parting in the morning.  1.5 seconds of a kiss with my eyes open pausing for a beat to take the measure of her even as her eyes were closed.  Kiss her again.  I allowed myself this intimate indulgence but resisted the further intimacy of kisses meant for those you kiss deliberately. 


My lips explored her neck as the big of my hands roamed from the small of her back to having handfuls of her hair.  She folded herself even closer to me as if she was trying to press through me to find what she really wanted on the other side.  Making my way from her neck, tracing her collar bone, not rushing to her breasts, I have always been patient.  She wraps a leg around me and leans into the wall for support.  My hand caresses her thigh in concentric circles moving slowly towards the place she wants me to be.


The first digit finds her hotter than the water still pulsing towards us and I kiss her again.  This time it is an urgent kiss and I hear the last barrier to this indulgence fall.   Her moans excite me but in a selfish way feeding my sexual ego rather than finding joy in her pleasure.  Craving more, I kiss my way down her body until I am kneeling with a thigh on my shoulder and my tongue drawing shapes on her clit. 


The sound of her palm slapping the tile synchs with my tongue in a certain spot so I stay there.  I alternate the speeds of the metronome beating in my mind until I feel her quiver against me.  Soon the only sound is the shower still meting its rhythm.






7 Responses to Candybars Don’t Work When You’re Starving Part I -MNSFW

  1. Aileen says:

    This post strikes me as sad. Physical intimacy without emotional involvement…I guess there used to be a time and place for it (and maybe there still is?) But now, it’s just a reminder of what is truly missing.

    You consider the post sad which makes me consider it a success. Thank you.

  2. JoJo says:

    I think I need a cigarette after reading this.

    In the spirit of the dichotomy that inspired this post, I also consider this a successful reaction; Thank you.

  3. LivitLuvit says:

    I’m at work, man! Oh well… hopefully they’ll all think I’m flushed because I’m working hard…

  4. freckledk says:

    I can’t read this until I start having sex again – so I’ve promptly skipped to the comments. No sense in getting all hot and bothered for the after-work grocery shopping I have planned for tonight. Strange things may happen in the produce aisle.

    What’s for dinner? I’ll bring wine.

  5. Lemmonex says:

    Sometimes the carnal thing is all you need…but it can feel empty after a while.

    I really need to take a shower to cool down, but I fear the kind of memories it will bring forth.

    Some lessons are more expensive to learn than others. I ponied up plenty of emotional cash for this one over the years.

  6. youre right..a candy bar wont work..but IF you are starving… no one will blame you for scarfing down a few…

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