If You Can’t Flash Your Friends, Who Can You Flash?

Last week I attended a going away party for two very dear friends.  About the midpoint of an evening that was quickly descending into delightful debauchery, I stood on the bar to offer a toast to the guests of honor.  I held court in all of my bombastic glory for at least ninety seconds extolling their virtues and explaining why DC was to become less interesting with their departure.  Just after the cheers, but before I climbed down from the bar, someone shouted “hey Refugee, your fly is down.”  At least I was among friends.


11 Responses to If You Can’t Flash Your Friends, Who Can You Flash?

  1. Lemmonex says:

    I am sure they liked it.

    if I could not make an ass of myself in front of friends, I would have none.

    feel free to be an ass around me, you will always be welcome to my scotch.

  2. Shannon says:

    Lem – you wouldn’t have any ass? Or any friends?

    inquiring minds want to know?

  3. well….truthfully…. Sat. afternoon..i flashed Elvis…

    and yet we have not read this story over at your place? come on, blonde one, dish.

  4. Ahhhhh…and a very special goodbye it was!

  5. Lisa says:

    Here’s to making the assumption that you wear underwear.

  6. LivitLuvit says:

    At least they’ll forever have a lasting image of you in their minds…

  7. your wish i s my command! lol

  8. […] by request….especially for this fella… […]

  9. If I’m ever thrown a bon voyage party, I want you there. You know, as the entertainment. But hey, I’ll buy the drinks.

    PS: Thanks for the link which led me back to you (yippee). Nice blog, I’ll be back!

    Regarding your perspective bon voyage party, I dig the Acela and I can be bought with drinks. The link was my pleasure as it is to read your blog.

  10. kris says:

    Sounds like DC would be much less interesting should *you* ever decide to leave. I’m glad I found you too.

    Back off, Paigelles. 😉

  11. It sounds like either your speech, your schlong, or both were too compelling to miss!

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