Not Everything is Supposed to be Forever

Friendships have a life cycle – some are meant to last forever, but most are temporary in the grand scheme.  Some people pass through your life for a purpose and fade away; some people were clear examples of the universe having some fun at your expense; some you know the minute you have your first argument that you will be fast and long friends.  Consider the people you met during your first week of college.  Most served the purpose of preventing the need to make the transition to the big pond alone; a few became life long friends, some you relegated to Facebook. 


In that spirit, I cull the list of names in my mobile phone at least every six months.

  • Random woman met at a bar and only called once – delete
  • Business contact needed months ago but with whom business is concluded – delete
  • Woman that only calls after last call and several glasses of wine – hmmm, maybe I should keep that one.  Change her name to AnswerOwnRisk, BootyCall-Tracy, yes, that is a better idea.
  • I have no idea how/when/why I met this person; who are they?  Who cares – delete


My first few weeks in the blogosphere were like that for me.  I hastily posted links to other blogs – some were permanent, some let me feel like I wasn’t making this step alone, some I just sat near in the Dining Hall and probably stayed too long.  Now, however, it is time to prune the BlogRoll, plant seeds of writers I truly enjoy and make that small space to the right a truer reflection of the spirit of me.


Trouble with Toast – very engaging, occasionally self-deprecating, and always enjoyable stories of adventures in food and life.


Lemon Gloria – delightful, insightful critical observations from her corner of the world.


Life Goes on, I Think – I know I am late to this particular party, but this woman writes beautifully and I imagine would be great fun over a cocktail or three.


DCDamsel – this blog is a bit younger than mine.  It is raw, ribald, and has made me laugh aloud more times than I can count.


1,2, 3, I Love You – I must thank the Freckled One for steering me to this gentleman’s introspective, and candid tales of a “fat, bald, English teacher” making his way.


I have also added a section for blogs I really enjoy and wish that the Author’s would post more often.


9 Responses to Not Everything is Supposed to be Forever

  1. Lemmonex says:

    I love Speakeasy–I wish she wrote more.

    Gotta give a big clap, clap for BJ…I guess that is clapping for me as we are the same person. Really though, she is fab. Love her to bits.

    I have yet to see you two in the same room at the same time.

  2. bettyjoan says:

    Aw, I’m blushing–thanks, kids!

  3. Shannon says:

    I like that RR still hasn’t come up with an updated blogroll tag for me. Makes me feel very mysterious.

    Just trying to protect your reputation… what would people think if they knew you drank with the likes of me.

  4. Shannon says:

    Actually, I’m the one that drags down the reputation of others…once you’re implicated in my black market baby scam, it’s all downhill from there.

  5. freckledk says:

    Such wonderful taste you have 🙂

    No, seriously. I’m in fantastic company.

  6. bettyjoan says:

    As FreckledK can attest, when Lemmonex and I are in the same room at the same time, the stars align, the heavens erupt in angelic song…and all hell breaks loose.

    It’s like not ever having the President and the VP on the same plane–the world can only take so much simultaneous fabulousness. Well, okay, maybe that metaphor doesn’t apply to our current administration. Dammit, it’s almost 5 PM, my metaphors are bound to be shoddy. 🙂

  7. Ahhhh…yes. Sometimes it is even a relief to let go of a “friendship” that has run its course…

  8. Lisa says:

    Hey, wow! Thanks for adding me, and for saying such nice things!

    It is easy to give compliments when they are true.

  9. Dara says:

    I always feel bad about pruning my blogroll. I’m far more likely to prune the feeds I subscribe to on my blog reader.

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