The Sexiness of the Thong is Overrated

The lovely Ryane asked me to explain this earlier today after a discussion of the vocabulary word Lemmonex swears she didn’t teach me, e-panties, turned to e-thongs.  I know that this is a provocative premise from which I begin and one that I am sure lacks universal agreement among the population of people that appreciate women in various states of undress.  So let me be clear – my blog, my post, my opinion – the sexiness of the thong is overrated to me.

Thongs are overrated in the same way that micro-skirts are overrated.  For the same reason that Marvin Gay’s music is infinitely sexier than the dumbed down, barely literate seduction music of today, I prefer

cheekies, briefs, hiphuggers, and boyshorts to the thong.  For me, sexy has more to do with that which is not seen than that which is.

Subtle is sexier than overt, words hotter than pictures, and whispers better than shouts.


14 Responses to The Sexiness of the Thong is Overrated

  1. Thank God. I tried the thong back in my young, single and supposedly sexy days and I absolutely could not stand it. I mean, really…who wants a string riding up her heiney all day long? Not me!

  2. Shannon says:

    I remember when thongs were popular — ugh, there is nothing sexier than picking at yourself and squirming from a perma-wedgie.

  3. Lemmonex says:

    I agree, though sometimes, ya gotta avoid the lines.

    Are you one of those men who LIKES the lines? If so, I am intrigued.

    I am not one that like the lines, nor am I so entrenched in this thought that I don’t understand the occassional need and desire for the thong. All I’m saying is that I think the people that consider it the ultimate expression of sexy in an undergarment are mistaken.

  4. SammyGeeRock says:

    A guy’s perspective: The sexiest thing about a thong is seeing it peek out above the waistline, but only because it’s forbidden fruit, and something we’re not supposed to see. There’s nothing sexier than the way boy shorts accentuate a woman’s curves…okay I’m beginning to sound creepy…which wasn’t my goal.

    My perspective is a gentleman’s perspective, by the by; and I don’t find a thong peeking out to be hot. It is low hanging fruit at best and a fashion atrocity at worst.

  5. LivitLuvit says:

    Agreed 100%. I wear them just out of hatred for VPLs, but if the clothes are actually coming off (in a romantic setting) I’d much prefer to be wearing one of the other styles you mentioned.

  6. zipcode says:

    Agreed, I hate freaking thongs, I lurve boyshorts they are my staple date underwear cause ya just never know!

    I know a girl actually toxic friend number 2 who while at the academy wore a black thong with white pants to the dining hall – classy

    From my perch at the coffee shop where I am writing this, there are four women who are advertising thier thongs. That’s classy.

  7. zipcode says:


    how batman of you to say perch

  8. boyshorts…
    or those cute “french knickers”…over at ap
    …that is all…

    link please. I mean if you are going to reference them some might want to oggle look at them maybe even acquire them for themselves significant other.

  9. Ryane says:

    Ahh..good post. I think I’m like the cheese who stands alone: I still love my thongs! And while I definitely agree that some of the other types of garments you mentioned are sexy (especially boy shorts), I just can’t get behind briefs. I like thongs. I don’t think they are the sexiest thing going, but for me, the right pair, with the right fit, is alright. My suggestion would be to dropkick VS’s panties into last year and hunt down Calvin Klein or Honeydew…so much sexier.

  10. Shannon says:

    Calvin Klein boyshorts are heavenly. I also like the ones from Urban Outfitters (seriously! they’re cute!).

  11. Dara says:

    Long live boyshorts!

  12. Michael says:

    Those “boyshorts” don’t look like any shorts I ever owned. But I am old and styles change.

  13. Red says:

    I LOVE my thongs! But not where you can see them peeking above the pants. That is just nasty.
    I can’t stand wearing anything else but thongs… All of them end up up your crack anyhow but with thongs there is less fabric up your ass.

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