New Vocabulary Word: E-Panties

e·pant·ies [ee-pan-teez], noun

definition – emailed solicitations of a romantic or sexual nature from unknown sources sent to a blogger.  Usage: Some crazy person in California flung e-panties in my inbox; s/he claims to want to marry me.

Source: fellow blogger who has more than their fair share of e-stalkers (feel free to take credit in the comments)


13 Responses to New Vocabulary Word: E-Panties

  1. Shannon says:

    How come I never get e-panties or marriage proposals? I just get called a batty unfunny feminazi. Come to think of it, that’s way cooler than a marriage proposal.

    Shannon, you aren’t unfunny

  2. Shannon says:

    …which is exactly why the psycho-gram is funny.

    You’ll have to announce your first hate mail. It’s a big moment in every blogger’s young life. It’s like a Blog Mitzvah.

    More vocabulary words, yay!

  3. zipcode says:

    oh man e panties – nice…………

    I have blog crushes – well just one. I get freaking nutbags reading my blog and talking about it on their message board – what would that be called e-lunatics?

    Shannon is one of the funniest people in blogger world.

    I can’t take credit for it. That honor belongs to one of the other funniest people in the blogosphere, besides Shannor who makes me laugh everyday.

  4. LivitLuvit says:

    I LURVE it!!!

    (Heaving e-panties)

    Apparently I’ve been showing off a lot of mine today anyway…

  5. Lemmonex says:

    I would NEVER teach you such things.

    I don’t like to think of them as stalkers, merely as people who need an extended trip to the “spa”.

  6. Shannon says:

    Aw, I love y’all, too.

    Hey, Lem, we need to come up with a term for the posters who tell you what you ought to look like, and imply you cannot function without their input. Svenbloggies? Like an online svengali.

  7. Ryane says:

    E-panties, huh? I hope they were at least thongs. Nothing would be worse than getting e-granny-panties.

    something you never thought you’d hear a man say: thongs are overrated.

  8. gilahi says:

    Wouldn’t a guy send e-Boxers or e-TidyWhities? And wouldn’t a female recipient simply go “ew” and delete it?

    I think we can agree that e-panties is a unisex term, and that intelligent members of both genders would be equally skeeved by such proposition.

  9. zipcode says:

    A stupid message board I used to belong to when I was planning a wedding used to send text messages to other members with the words: PANTY or PANTIED
    it was really stupid, hence why I left and because well I am not planning a wedding.

  10. Ryane says:

    Yeah, that is interesting. Why do you say so?? I mean, as a wearer of thongs, I do agree that at times, they are over-rated. But in terms of how they look underneath certain clothing, pants and skirts etc…their usefulness really can’t be beat.

    Ryane, I was wondering what I wanted to write about today. Your question just gave me my answer.

  11. LivitLuvit says:

    I think the male version should be e-jizzed. Vulgar, I know, but don’t people like that sort of remind you of the guy who would totally be in the corner on the metro late at night, fumbling under his trench coat?

    really? I mean really? we had to go there? How do you expect me to scrub that image out of my head now?

  12. freckledk says:

    Who wears panties anymore? E or otherwise?

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