If you can’t write random musings that may only be important to you, then what is the purpose of having a blog thingy?

Something I never expected to hear in this city…

I was enjoying an unseasonably cool Saturday afternoon from the patio of a coffee shop downtown.  A cigar in my left hand, newspaper in the right, and here I was stuck in the middle of the patio with two hair-twirling, bubble bum-chewing flibidigibits in front of me.  Their conversation provided interesting contrast to the seriousness of my op-ed page.  Between discussion of hairstyles, and their attire for the evenings activities, a very attractive man emerged from a glimmering Cadillac Escalade to get his dose of caffeine.  They spent a moment ruminating on his hotness before one of these blonde things declares without a shred of modesty “I would do him in the bathroom if he didn’t drive that car.”


Fourth of July is the most romantic holiday…

Watching the fireworks alone in a crowd of friends sucked.


A terribly sexy movie…

It is rare that I prefer the remake of anything to the original.  The 1999 movie The Thomas Crowne Affair is among the exceptions.  Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo smolder and sizzle their way through two hours in this stylish and incredibly sexy cat and mouse tale.  After watching it again this weekend, I am convinced the Mr. Brosnan made all of those awful James Bond Movies to punish the public for not seeing this movie in the theatre.


Celebrity Chefs are as annoying and entitled as professional athletes…

After dinner on a recent evening, I had the occasion to meet Random Big Deal New York City Chef.  I refrain from naming RBDNYCC only because despite the truth being a defense for liable, a lawsuit is not worth the headache.  This married drunkard offered this charming proposition to one of the women in the room after being introduced to her and learning that she is an aspiring pastry chef “You know who I am right?  If we go spend some private time in the office, I will let you come work for me.”


8 Responses to If you can’t write random musings that may only be important to you, then what is the purpose of having a blog thingy?

  1. zipcode says:

    Not a big fan of the Cadillac anything – but how classy of her to say she would do him in the bathroom – nice

  2. Lemmonex says:

    I hope she planned to put down one of those toilet seat covers, at least.

  3. Vittoria says:

    In re the first one, I can’t lie, I don’t consider myself to be a flibertigibit but I have been on the receiving end of the comment “I’m just saying, I’d let him put it in my butt.” I laughed.

    In re the last, sometimes I hate humanity but I respect you for keeping your mouth (fingers?) shut.

  4. Does a flibertigibit know how much an Escalade costs? She might want to reconsider. But then again, Mr. Escalade is certainly far too classy to do anything in the bathroom other than take care of his business.

  5. LivitLuvit says:

    I’ve said some pretty ridic stuff, joking-wise, to girlfriends… although I usually make sure no one else is in earshot. Unless I’ve been drinking. Then, buckle up…

  6. 1st story — isn’t it nice to know that the blondes have “some” standards and possibly wanted to do a guy driving a hybrid. NOT.

  7. alone in a crowd..is always the hardest…

  8. After reading all of your comments, I don’t think I wrote that first part very well. The flibidigibets we commenting that his gas guzzling car made him not sexy anymore. That was the thing I never thought I would hear.

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