Dear Hipster Mom on Metro,

I don’t want to see your ass.  I am sure someone finds that ass hot.  I, however, am not in that group.  Even if found that ass to be hot, I would not want to see it during my morning commute.  HMoM, surely you could feel the breeze of the air conditioning blowing across the large section of ghastly white ass left bare as your low rise cargo pants and too short tank top failed to cover the fuchsia thong revealing approximately 36.4 square inches of that ass.  That your thong matched your hair is certainly a nice touch for the people that find that ass hot.  I just don’t happen to be among them.


HMoM, I am sure you are a great mother.  Your children were well groomed and as well behaved as toddlers on the Metro could be.  However, I am sure that you would not appreciate your children singing a refrain that involves two world capitols and Mommy’s underpants.



Restaurant Refugee





8 Responses to Dear Hipster Mom on Metro,

  1. zipcode says:

    too funny – fuscia thong eh?
    note to self if ever meeting the RR leave fuscia thong at home and low ride pants lol jk

    zipcode, I am sure that if you were rocking the lowriders and fuscia thong the only person that would know would be someone you showed intentionally.

  2. zipcode says:

    this is true – as someone who does have a tramp stamp – you wouldn’t even know if it was there unless I showed it to you.

    and that is what can make things like that sexy – when they are private; and the sharing is intimate. in the same way that thigh highs aren’t as sexy if everyone knows you are wearing them.

  3. zipcode says:

    thigh highs rule! Oh yes mystery is great – I am all about the mystery!

  4. Vittoria says:

    Ugh. The pasty skin. The PASTY SKIN!!

    So your objection is that she didn’t have a tan ;

  5. Let me get this straight. . . when I’m taking the kiddos to the Zoo on a family outing, I’m NOT supposed to dress like a hooker? Hmmmm…how will little Mikey and Sally learn about my career? Are you sure this wasn’t take your kids to work day?

  6. Shannon says:

    Thigh-highs never stay in place on me — perhaps I need bigger thighs?

    I just emailed you a proposed solution

  7. That your thong matched your hair is certainly a nice touch for the people that find that ass hot.

    Nice that you noticed! 🙂

  8. click through the following page

    Dear Hipster Mom on Metro, | The Restaurant Refugee

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