Quick updates for the five people that might care…

Saturday Night Salon was a runaway, lightly qualified hit.  I nailed every course both in their pacing, portions, and execution.  (I did replace the Tomato Salad with a Tagliatelle with a Slow Cooked Pork Ragu, salmonella scare being the impetus.) Everyone was very full when the cheese was finished but none of us had the beached whale sensation that is the result of over-eating.  The evening extended to early morning.  The wines were spectacular especially the 1988 Grange I opened because I am a boy and therefore should not be allowed into my wine cellar after a couple of drinks. (ed. note – in addition to the breathalyzer for the cell phone, I am also trying to invent one that controls the lock on the wine cellar.)  The only minor quibble – what must a gentleman do to get his guests to understand the meaning of cocktail attire?


Coffee with the Striking Brunette from New Jersey morphed into drinks on the roof of the Reef on Sunday.  Yes, it remained platonic.  Yes, she attempted to change my mind about the platonic nature of it.  Yes, I continue to wear the best cologne ever – eau de unavailable – apparently it is like catnip for some women.


By the by, the Reef continues to be a far better restaurant than required, Corey, the Sunday evening bartender has one of the better IPods in the city; it was not quite summer but the living was easy.  More on that subject later.


6 Responses to Quick updates for the five people that might care…

  1. caphill says:

    Was wondering how everything went, thanks for the update.

    What is this cologne? I love the way Burberry Brit smells on guys – yum

    ZipCode, eau de unavailable, is proving to be very sexy, but rather emotionally expensive.

  2. Lemmonex says:

    The food at Reef is shockingly good. The fact that it has a roof deck makes it better.

    While nothing will convert bad food to good, a roof deck can occassioally make good food a lot better.

  3. freckledk says:

    I wonder if they make a female version of that cologne. Think of the stories I could tell!

    Your blog makes me hungry. Not good, considering all I have on hand is a jar of almonds and a protein shake.

    I am sure that a pour femme version exists, the effects are a bit different though.

    K, dinner is at 8, you are always welcome at my table. No need to exist on almonds and a shake.

  4. Shannon says:

    What is this Reef place you people are always going on about?


    Very cool place to go for a drink and a bite in Adams Morgan especially when the weather is nice. Sunday – Wednesday I am a big fan. On the weekends, the place tends to fill with the typical people that fill an AM spot.

  5. Vittoria says:

    I think you’d find upon examination that there are more SBNJs than you’d think. Glad coffee/etc went well, and that you kept it platonic.

    I have met many a SBNJ in my fair city. Meeting ones about whom there are no jokes to be told – that is a bit harder.

  6. lastlion says:

    So tennis was blown off for a platonic date with a Jersey girl? Hmm, Jersey girls tend to be devoid of class by the by.

    Different weekend. And if you ever use that blackberry at a baseball game again, it is going sideways.

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