An Open Letter to the Two 40 Something Women Across the Bar on Monday

Dear 40 something Women,
My friend and I were the two thirty something gentleman at the other end of the bar on Monday. We were having a pleasant enough time telling the stories of our week over a beer or two when you two walked into the bar at the same time as that pair of Pop-Tartlets that sat next to us.

With that simple choice of where to sit, the arch of the evening was altered for all of us. We sat there attempting to enjoy our conversation though we were forced to try and ignore the vapid blather that spewed from the two Project Runway rejects to our left. We had to be polite when they kept interjecting in our conversation. They were forced to spend the maximum amount of time their attention spans would allow wondering why the tawdry lipstick, immature I-wish-I-had-some-depth gaze, low-cut high cut combination was not resulting in free drinks.

And you, our would-be 40 something friends, had to insult us on your way out. Because when we sent you that round of drinks, you two choose to read it as something other than we intended. We sent you those two glasses of wine because:
You’re usually more interesting at 40 something
Having laugh lines means that you know how to laugh and that is a great thing
We would have greatly preferred you two sitting next to us
We thought both of you attractive

So when you said “we don’t need your pity drinks” rather than a simple thank you that was the first moment when we pitied you.

Hope that all four of you had a good evening.


7 Responses to An Open Letter to the Two 40 Something Women Across the Bar on Monday

  1. Virgle Kent says:


    Can I say I’m not surprised

  2. lacochran says:


    Well said.

  3. Shannon says:

    Where’s my free pity drink? Huh? Huh?

    I don’t understand people that can’t just say, “Thank you” or accept a compliment.

    Shannon, you name the place and I buy the drinks anytime.

    The whole thing was such a sad exchange.

  4. Shannon says:

    I’d like a pity bottle of Perrier-Jouet, please.

    only in the vintage – the non-vintage is crap – but it is way over priced. if i am buying, it would be 1996 doyard grand cru. that’s a champagne.

  5. umm..yeah love…that is awful… sorry……but do me a favor and dont let them stop you from sending drinks to “interesting” women as opposed to just too slutty girls… nothing against slutty girls..but..ummm let the frat boys buy those drinks…

  6. freckledk says:

    That’s insane! Who turns down free booze?

    Sign me up for a pity drink, too. Shannon probably won’t mind sharing her bottle of whatever. Right, Shannon?

    To be clear K, they didn’t turn down the free booze. They just lacked the grace to accept it without thinking poorly of the situation.

  7. Wow! How rude! As a 40-something woman, I would have been pleased to receive a glass of wine from an admirer. Sorry your evening turned out so poorly. Obviously these particular 40-something women weren’t nearly as classy as you thought.

    No, no, no, my evening was great. My friend and I had a great time after we left. No way in hell am I ever going to let a couple poptartlets, and a couple of bitter harpies steal my joy.

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