Mini Burgers are to Burgers as this Post is to Reviews

I like mini-burgers better than burgers.  Two or three bites of well crafted and cooked burgers are the perfect size for me.  They communicate the flavors the kitchen combined and measure their skill in execution.  It is all I need.  I take the same approach to Restaurant Reviews – sure critics of great skill can write beautifully for 1000s of words about a worthy restaurant – however, I would rather read four or five succinct reviews in the same space. 

As I started this blog with a commitment to providing the more than occasional expert and unvarnished restaurant opinions, this is the first installment of my formal mini-reviews.  I have written very briefly about some of these places in the past, however reviews have a shelf life which had expired and I have expanded more than in the past.  Each Mini-Review provides specific recommendations on the best way to enjoy the meals and an estimate of the cost.  Every other week I will write a new installment of Mini Reviews and they will all have a theme – this weeks theme: Favorites

Favorite for a first date that won’t think I am a pretentious ass for going someplace nice on a first dateMendocino Grille Chef Barry Koslow might just be the most talented chef in DC that is not a bold face name.  It is high quality and inventive Modern American food with a solid nod to classical techniques but presented in a contemporary yet unpretentious manner.  Order anything from the sea as this is a particularly good area for the kitchen.  If it comes from pork, it is also very likely to make you happy.  The wine list is not to be ignored – there are no other restaurants at this level of dining that offer a better wine program both by the glass and bottle. With few exceptions, the prices are exceedingly fair, and the wines abundantly interesting.  Best Advice: 2 apps, split an app, two entrées, cheese plate, bottle or two of wine; not cheap but worth the $200+ it will cost you.

Favorite for a first date that need be dissuaded of the belief that I am a pretentious ass and therefore must be taken someplace with really good food but with more of an edge and not terribly priceyGranville Moore’s – if you haven’t taken a trip to the Atlas District to sample the best Moules and Frites in DC, stop what you’re doing.  Seriously, stop.  Right now.  In addition to excelling at the Belgian staples, the meats (great burger, steak and cheese, hanger steak, and daily specials) kick ass too.  They do not accept reservations; and get busy by 7pm during prime time.  Go early in the week – the Monday HH with $10 Moules is especially wallet friendly.  Bonus – charming but small patio in the back.  Granville’s has experienced some consistency issues (service-wise) in the last couple of months but they are still on this list by virtue of the fact that the food is so damn good.  By the by, this place can qualify as a great cheap date if you avoid the temptation to sample too many all of the craft ales.  Best Advice: Start with a bowl of Moules and a small Frite, split an Entrée, hang out and drink $75+ depending on the beer.

Favorite for good cheap date in a box – Negril Quarry House – Negril specializes in very tasty and mostly authentic Jamaican food.  The décor is more of a carry-out, but they have a number of tables.  Jerk chicken, Goat Roti, and the Ox Tail are their best dishes but be sure to get some of the densely light (I know impossible but true) Coco Bread.  Negril doesn’t have a liquor license so that is when you walk around the corner to the Quarry House.  QH has been around for so long and changed so little that it provides great comfort for anyone with an appreciation for old fashioned neighborhood bars.  One thing that has changed – for which I am very grateful – is the serious upgrade to the beer list.  In a addition to the standard dive bar offerings, the are craft beers from Rouge, Young’s, and other highly regarded breweries.  Added information bonus: it is excactly 13 steps down from the sidewalk to the bar.  Negril: $25; QH: depends on your crowd but beers range from $3 to $8.

Favorite for a second date or a really good steakthe bar at Capitol Grille – it is not often that I will recommend a chain restaurant for anything except using the bathroom during a parade, however, CapGrille does such a solid job with so much that they have been on my favorites for more years than I will admit.  Sunday – Wednesday the bar is most pleasant as it is largely free of many of the lobbyists, the excessively privileged, and the shallow as hair-root women who love them.  I hope you like to share as many of the portions can get Flintstonian.  Easy Instructions (sharing everything): Start with the smoked salmon, have the Kobe Carpaccio if it is available, always get the best Calamari in town (if you like the spice,) finish with the Kansas City Strip (not on the menu but they will make it for you if you ask and it is available,) desserts are optional for all but the most obsessive sweet freaks.  $150 or so depending on the wine.

Favorite after a craptacular day and I need a culinary hugCashion’s Eat Place – I have written about Cashion’s too many times but there is a extremely strong reason.  This is a dining room that is comfortably elegant, a kitchen that is carefully and deliberately ambitious, and has service that is always gracious.  The late night menu (Friday & Saturday after midnight) is the best eating you can do anywhere in DC at that hour.  This place also works swimmingly well for a first restaurant date.  One of the highest compliments I can give this place is in noting some of the culinary royalty with whom I have frequently dined at the bar – my modesty and protecting that of others prevents me from naming names but if I did….    I will caution that like many restaurants the appetizers are often more interesting than the entrées.  My recommendation: 5 apps (2, share, 2), shared dessert, and a bottle of wine – $125 (especially cheap for a four course meal with wine.)

31 Responses to Mini Burgers are to Burgers as this Post is to Reviews

  1. Lemmonex says:

    Dear Granville Moore’s Bison Burger:

    I Love You. You complete me. You make me feel a happiness in my nethers. You can TOUCH MY NETHERS IF YOU WANT. That is how awesome you are.


    This places is always crowded and with damn good reasons. Among them is the off-chance of watching Lemmonex recreate an iconic movie scene, except I don’t think she would be faking anything.

  2. Fearless says:

    Good advice that I will keep handy for the future. Do some people really need to told to share food? Or am I only person who organizes (ok, commandeer might be a more appropriate term) the entire meal so that I can try as many things as possible?

    In addition to the economic benefit (saving money,) the health benefits (not over eating,) there certainly the benefit of trying everything on the table as you so duly noted.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this. I love your advice posts. I always learn interesting things.

  4. I just like meat. You know … because I need the protein. And the iron. Thanks for the email. :)

  5. LiLu says:

    Oh, Granville’s… to steal a phrase from Caitlin and a sentiment from Lem, I just marshmallowed in my pants.

    Cashion’s is first on my restaurant to-do list…

  6. Michelle says:

    thanks for the tip “5 apps (2, share, 2), shared dessert, and a bottle of wine – $125 (especially cheap for a four course meal with wine.)”

    one question… (which i am guessing the answer is no or you would not have made the suggestion)

    do wait staff look down at you for ordering items to share? (ie not having the one big $money dish on the bill)?

  7. bettyjoan says:

    Excellent post–gives me even MORE options for my upcoming trip to DC. Damn you, nation’s capital, for having so many good choices!!! ;-)

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